Seminar 18Oct2019 (7.30 pm to 9.30 pm) @ Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre, Jln Stampin                   

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Disc1:    Session 1 Introduction

             Session 2 The Holy Spirit

Disc2:    Session 3 Yielding to the Holy Spirit

             Session 4 Walking as Sons and Daughters of God

Disc3:    Session 5 Walking in Service of God

             Session 6 Walking as Disciples

Disc4:    Session 7 Walking in Holiness & Righteousness

             Session 8 Walking and Handling Failures

Disc5:    Session 9 Spiritual Growth Part I

             Session 10 Spiritual Growth Part II

Disc6:    Session 11 Walking in Forgiveness

             Session 12 Waiting on God

Disc7:    Session 13 Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Part I

             Session 14 Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Part II

Disc8:    Session 15 Walking in Victory

             Session 16 The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Disc9:    Session 17 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

             Gifts of Tongues & Visitation of the Holy Spirit

             Session 18 The Gift of Speech: Prophecy

Disc10:  Session 19 The Gifts of Revelation: Knowledge & Wisdom

             Session 20 The Gifts of Power: Healing & Miracle


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